Modeling and simulation of particle doped materials under an electromagnetic field


Bhavesh Patel


Research description


The interests of this research are particle doped composites materials, made by adding particles into a base material commonly called matrix material. The focus is on potential application for micro electromagnetic devices such as magnetic cores for planar inductor or nano composite capacitors. Based on these applications, the objective is to propose a numerical tool that allows simulating behavior of micro/nano particle doped material under an electromagnetic (EM) field. Specifically, knowing the external EM field the composite is immersed in, we want:

• The state of the EM field inside the material
• The variation in temperature via Joule heating
• The value of its effective magnetic permeability μ* and the effective electric permittivity ε*

Some simulations and results

Evolution of electric field intensity E, magnetic field intensity H and temperature over a randomly generated representative volume element (RVE) of a test material is computed by simultaneously solving dynamic Maxwell’s equations using Yee’s scheme and heat equation using Forward Euler scheme. Below are some sample simulations.



Ex field over a cross-section

Hx field over a cross-section

Temperature over a cross-section

The effective EM properties of interest are computed directly from the internal EM fields. Validity of the results is checked using known analytical bounds.