Tarek I. Zohdi


Finite element methods, Micro-structural/macro-property inverse problems involving optimization and design of new materials, Modelling and simulation of high-strength fabric, particulate/granular flows, multi-phase/composite electromagnetic media, swarm dynamics.


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Visiting Scholars

Graduate Students


Chang Yoon Park

Particle Based Simulation Framework for Sintered Mechanical Components

I am a graduate student writing research codes on particle methods at professor Zohdi’s lab in Cal. My main interests are on various multiphysics simulations using particle methods. I am also into in massively parallel processors (such as GPUs) that will scale up my simulations. In my free time, I develop mobile apps for iOS (my current project is a dating app for the Korean app store).



Anju Toor

Nanoparticle-Polymer Composite Dielectric Materials for High Performance Energy Storage

Anju Toor received her B.E. in Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering in 2010 from University of Delhi, India. During undergraduate study, she worked on material handling systems and autonomous driving vehicles. She has also worked at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), India in the HVAC and Fire Protection Division from 2010 to 2011. Anju is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at University of California at Berkeley since Fall 2011. Her research interests include MEMS and Nanotechnology applications like nanocomposites and super-capacitors.



Matthew W. Kury

Beam Based Modeling of Open-Celled Foams

Soil Simulations in Subterranean Blasts

He is an avid dancer, in his undergraduate years he was a member of various dancing organizations, from the competitive ballroom team to the social tango club. In recent years, he mostly dances socially, namely hustle and swing. He has even helped a couple prepare for their wedding dance. In addition, he enjoys playing board games and seeing movies.



Zeyad Zaky

Particle-laden fluid for manufacturing and industrial processes.

Zeyad is a 4th year PhD student. He enjoys reading, playing basketball, and sleeping.



Marc Russell

Multi-scale and Multi-physics Modeling

He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California Berkeley in 2012 and is currently working towards his MS/PhD. Outside of research, he is interested in space exploration and solar vehicle racing. In his spare time, he enjoys trail running, cycling, and eating ice cream.



Brett Kelly

Three-Dimensional Holographic Lithography

Co-advised by Prof. Hayden Taylor. Likes to run. Competed in Track and Field and Cross Country for Cornell University as an undergraduate. Enjoys playing real sports as well. Loves skiing and being on a mountain in general.



Santiago Miret

Multi-scale and Multi-physics Modeling

Santiago is PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering co-advised by Prof. Tarek Zohdi in the Mechanical Engineering Department and Mark Asta in the Materials Science & Engineering Department. Santiago’s research focuses on creating a design tool for composite materials in exigent environments by using numerical methods to compute their properties and behavior.



M. Erden Yildizdag

Dynamically Adopted Building Envelopes

He got bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) majoring at Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He spent some time as a research assistant in ITU and his former research field was isogeometric analysis. Also, he likes travelling and collecting vinyl records.



Shanna Hays

Multi-scale and Multi-physics Particle Modeling

Shanna is working toward her Ph.D. after receiving her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona. Previous research includes working with a peridynamic simulation tool to study the fracture behavior in glasses. In her spare time she enjoys jogging and hiking with her dog.


David Fernandez (America's cup)

David Fernández-Gutiérrez

Particle methods to simulate the flow through marine current turbines

David is a fourth year PhD student, with an Engineering Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid. Prior to come to Berkeley, he worked in the R&D department of Seaplace, an offshore consulting company in Spain. His research interests include numerical hydrodynamics, structural design and advanced control systems. Outside the university, he loves soccer, biking, hiking and reading. He’s part of the Mechanical Engineering Athletics Team, so go MEAT!



Maxwell Micali

Simulation, Optimization, and Process Planning for Additive Manufacturing

Maxwell is a M.S./Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, with a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Yale University. His additional research interests include cybermanufacturing, human-machine interaction, and sustainable manufacturing. Outside of research, he is interested in marine biology, skiing, and science policy.



Atrin Sarmadi

Multi-physics modeling

Atrin is a M.S. student in Mechanical Engineering. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University. His interests include Additive Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Manufacturing Systems and Renewable energy technologies. His hobbies are playing and watching sports, and he is a certified open scuba diver.



Dong Hoon Kim

Computational particle mechanics

Dong Hoon is an MS/PhD student in mechanical engineering from University of California, Berkeley. His main interests include self-assembly of micro/nano particles and additive manufacturing. In his free time, he usually goes to fitness club or plays an acoustic guitar.



Mickey Clemon

Statistical modeling and experimentation for manufacturing

Mickey investigates material defect formation in, material reuse and recycling for, and real-time monitoring of powder-based additive manufacturing. His previous efforts explored environmental impacts of fused deposition modeling, and design engineering for hazardous waste processing. His primary methods involve statistical modeling and experimentation.



Youngkyu Kim

Mechanical properties of composite materials

Youngkyu received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from POSTECH. He is currently an MS/PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department. His research interest is investigating mechanical properties of composite materials for additive manufacturing through computational and experimental methods. In his free time, he usually goes to the gym or jogs.





Alex Alves Bandeira

Computational Modeling of Solid Mechanics

Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil). Holds MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (1997 and 2001). Since 1997, has been working in computational mechanics applied to structural engineering, optimization, non-linear analysis, finite element method, contact mechanics, impact problems, elastoplasticity, reinforced concrete and concrete structures reinforced with carbon fiber. Developed part of his Ph.D. research at the Institute for Computational Mechanics in the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany (1999-2001), and at the University of Padua, Italy (1999-2000). Since 2015, is a visiting researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. Here, has been developing research in particle methods, computational materials, granular materials and structural fabric.



Semion Shaul

Kidney Stones: Fluid Dynamics Modeling and ESWL Treatment

Semion received his PhD from BGU, Israel. He enjoys finding solutions to problems in areas of mechanical, chemical and bio system engineering. He believes that the source for innovation is finding simple and creative solutions to challenging problems.



Syd Hashemi

Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling of Heat Transfer

Syd is a 4th year PhD student. He enjoys playing tennis, squash, and soccer.



Maria Pace

Silicon Nanowires for Chemical Sensors, True pH Measurement and Species Identification

Now a post-doc at UCSF, she conducted her PhD research under the supervision of Dean Albert P. Pisano and Professor Tarek I. Zohdi. Some of her research interests include design, modeling and characterization of MEMS nanowire electrochemical sensors, resonators, harsh environment MEMS, modeling and design of transducers and investigation of mechanical and electrical properties of 2D materials.
Maria received the National Science Foundation Fellowship in 2010.



Daniel Driver

EM Simulations of Laser Ablation for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Flexible Electronics 

He is a North American Unicycle Basketball Champion.




Aashish Ahuja

Developing Energy Efficient Facades for Buildings

He is currently a third year graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Prior to working on this project, he helped Applied Materials in developing an API between Siemens NX and Simulink as a part of his Master’s thesis at UC, Berkeley. He completed his undergraduate degree from BITS, Pilani, India in Mechanical Engineering. His hobbies include ballroom dancing, table tennis, and windsurfing.



John Stevens

Operational Analysis of Artificial Photosynthetic Systems

Interests include renewable energy technology, energy policy, and CO2 sequestration. Hobbies include the outdoors and bicycling.



Rishi Ganeriwala

Multiphysical Modeling and Simulation of Selective Laser Sintering

Interests include 3D printing and novel additive manufacturing technologies. Also deeply interested in renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, and environmental policy. Some hobbies include hiking, running, music, and reading.



Alejandro Queiruga

Simulation of Electromagnetically Sensitive Ballistic Fabric

His research interests include Electromagnetic Structure Interaction, Impact Phenomena, Numerical modelling of multiphysics problems. His personal hobbies include Go, Electronics, FPGA programming.




Bhavesh Patel

Modeling and Simulation of Particle Doped Materials under an Electromagnetic Field

Hailing from France, he received his “Diplôme d’Ingénieur” Arts et Métiers from ParisTech, France. His hobbies include soccer, Bollywood movies, and music.



Ercan Degirmenci

Discrete Multi-Scale Network Modeling of Fabric Undergoing Ballistic Impact

Ph. D.(ME) 2010. Currently is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. Research focuses on experimental, theoretical and numerical aspects of impact phenomena that are mostly associated with the design and simulation of high-strength isotropic and anisotropic materials.



Eduardo M.B. Campello

DEM Formulations for the Modeling of Particulate Materials and Biological Membranes and FEM Formulations for the Analysis of Thin Structures

Assistant professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Was a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Computational Mechanics in the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany (2006). Holds MSc and DSc degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of São Paulo (2000 and 2005). Since 2012 is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. Has research efforts focused on theoretical and numerical aspects of computational mechanics that are associated with the modeling of solids, structures and, more recently, particulate materials, granular materials and biological membranes.

Email: and

Eduardo Campello’s CV


Debanjan Mukherjee

Discrete Particle Simulation Techniques for the Analysis of Colliding and Flowing Particulate Media

He is an avid music enthusiast and an amateur musician. He plays the rhythm guitars, hand percussions, and sings. He has been associated with fellow enthusiasts at IIT Madras in the form of a college band named ‘Bandish’ – a group which he was later able to reinstate with his fellow music enthusiasts at Berkeley. He has also been associated with promoting Indian Classical music in Berkeley with the organization named ‘Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPCMACAY)’. He has also been into distance running, and ran his first half-marathon during this summer’s version of the Wipro San Francisco Marathon to fund-raise for providing education to under-privileged children in India with a volunteer organization named Association for India’s Debelopment (AID).


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Ilker Temizer

FEM Composites, Multi-Scale Modeling, Homogenization and Modeling of Fabrics

MS 2003, Ph. D.(ME) 12/2005. He is currently an assistant professor at Bilkent University, Turkey.



David Powell

FEM Composites, Multi-Scale Modeling, Homogenization and Modeling of Fabrics

M.S. 2005, Ph. D(ME) 12/2007. Currently a staff scientist at the Army Research Labs (ARL).



Diego Arbelaez

Computational Modeling of Granular Flows for Industrial Applications

M.S. 2005, Ph. D.(ME) 5/2008, and was co-supervised with D. Dornfeld. Currently a staff scientist at LBNL.



Jonathan Wenk

FEM Composites, Multi-Scale Modeling, Homogenization and Modeling of Fabrics

M.S. 2005, Ph. D.(ME) 5/2008, and was co-supervised with P. Papadopoulos. Currently an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky on 5/2011.



George Mseis

FEM Composites, Multi-Scale Modeling, Homogenization and Modeling of Fabrics

Ph. D.(ME) 12/2010. Currently at a startup



Tim Kotska

FEM, Ductile Fracture, Material Localization

Ph. D.(ME) 5/2010. Currently a staff scientist at Sandia National Labs.



Lik Chuan Lee

Coupling of Cardiac Electrophysiology with Cardiac Mechanics

Ph. D.(ME) 12/2010. Currently a post-doc with UCB/UCF. Previous research included study of grain boundary diffusion in polycrystalline solids, and its effects on seismic wave attenuation.



Doron Klepach

Computational Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Bio-Mechanics, Multiphysics Modeling, FEM

Ph. D.(ME) 12/2010. Currently an assistant professor in Israel.



Ryan Krone

FEM, Composites, Multi-Scale Modeling, Homogenization and Modeling of Fabrics

Ph. D.(ME) 12/2010 and was co-supervised with D. Steigmann. Currently a post-doc at Stanford.



Sun Choi

Particulate Flow in Channels

Ph. D.(ME) 5/2012 and was co-supervised with A. Pisano. Currently a staff scientist at LLNL.



Brett Collins

Multi-Scale Modeling of Electromagnetic Composites and Micromechanics

Ph. D.(ME) 5/2013. Has accepted a staff scientist position at Sandia National Labs.



Hiroyuki Minaki

Multiscale Modeling

Ph. D.(ME) 5/2013 and was co-supervised with S. Li. Currently works for a tire manufacturer in Japan.



Debanjan Mukherjee

Discrete Particle Simulation Techniques for the Analysis of Colliding and Flowing Particulate Media

Ph. D.(ME) 8/2013. Currently a post-doc at UC Berkeley.



Peter Minor

Discrete Element Modeling of Impact Damage on Thermal Barrier Coatings

His hobbies and interests include technology, energy affairs, environmentalism, and current events.



 Dr. D. Powell

Post-Doctoral Scholar: UC Berkeley (12/2006-6/2007)


Dr. P. Glösmann

Post-Doctoral Scholar: Hamburg, Germany (8/2007-8/2008)


Dr. G. Lubineau

Post-Doctoral Scholar: Cachan, France (5/2007-12/2008)


Dr. D. Arbelaez

Post-Doctoral Scholar:  UC Berkeley (5/2008-5/2009)


Dr. K. Linnemann

Post-Doctoral Scholar:  Karlsruhe, Germany (5/2008-5/2009)


Dr. D. Klepach

Post-Doctoral Scholar:  UC Berkeley/UCSF(with Prof. J. Guccione), (12/2010-8/2012)


Dr. L-C. Lee

Post-Doctoral Scholar:  UC Berkeley/UCSF(with Prof. J. Guccione), (12/2010-8/2012)